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This is a tough topic to frame! Talk about overly broad--and vitally important. While good information on climate change abounds, hardly anyone has their head wrapped around the scope and extent of the problem, let alone how it would be best addressed. We discussed the 5 blind guys who encounter an elephant story at the salon on Truth last month. I think climate change is such an elephant. Are there particularly important, defining facts that stand out to you as fundamental to our discussion of the nature and extent of climate change and the dangers it poses to life as we know it?


What do we know about proposed solutions to the warming caused by CO2 emissions? What are the merits and drawbacks of ending our dependency on fossil fuels and changing to clean energy sources, such as solar, wind and hydropower?  What about carbon offset credits? Should we expand public transportation while discouraging, perhaps by taxation, private vehicle ownership? What about air travel? Beef cattle burps?  How can we deal with the power to bogart and obstruct wielded by many politicians and corporate creatures? What would happen if we focus on the pain, suffering and property losses caused by extreme weather events and seek regulations that lessen the likelihood or diminish the negative effects of such events--extreme weather damage abatement--instead of battling with climate change deniers on the good science vs bad science front?


On the philosophical side, what moral, ethical and emotional questions does climate change foist upon us all?  What must good people do in order to qualify as Good? Shop green, compost, reuse, repurpose and recycle, even if we know a critical mass of people are not doing the same? Must we also write letters and actively seek out opportunities to address groups on the subject? Constantly update our education (there are new revelations all of the time) and then attempt to update everyone we encounter? Use the internet and social media as soapboxes? Boycott? Perform street theater, music, art? Persuade? Demand? Demonstrate? General Strike? Is civil disobedience in order? Earth-First style violence? Is humanity salvageable--and worth salvaging? How should the role of humans on Earth be overhauled so as to be both Sustainable and Good? How much are we willing to change, take on and give up in order to create a sustainable future for our planet? Etc. . . .


As preparation for this salon, Teece and I have started watching videos on climate change. There's a ton on YouTube. So far, we've seen:


Before the Flood (a documentary available on Amazon Prime)


Greenland, the Land of Ice Embracing Climate Change (YouTube)


13 Misconceptions About Global Warming (YouTube--not long and loaded with info)



A Brief History of Global Warming (YouTube).



We're gearing up to binge on Al Gore's two movies (An Inconvenient Truth and An Inconvenient Sequel) next. The Internet abounds with articles and web sites. If we all take in something, our collective information base should guarantee a bit of enlightenment to everyone who attends this salon.


Sound interesting? Then come on down! Let's get this problem analyzed and fixed!


Peace & Windmills, Kathy & Teece



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