. . . especially, but not limited to, MALE



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This sounds like a way to kick off months of discussion of all manner of social phenomenon, including racism, gender-related discrimination, fear of immigration–fear, generally–economic injustice, tolerance of aggression and violence, acceptance of cruelty, human-enhanced climate change and the relationship of such evils to the unfair advantages that many believe are automatically bestowed on those who are born white and, especially, but not limited to, those who are born white and male. Is white privilege a root cause of the mess humanity is in today? Or is it merely a symptom of another root cause? Do most white men benefit from white male privilege?  Why have people of color and women not burned it all down yet? And, perhaps most intriguing, is there change in the air?  What can be done to achieve a society grounded on concepts such as justice, fairness, compassion, mercy and kindness?  Why would anyone not agree that the latter sort of society is desirable? Do you think most white men agree?  If so, then WTF?  Etc. . .


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