(Moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior.)


Is the United States an ethical nation?


Are most Americans ethical people?  Are Americans more--or less--ethical than we have been in the past? How do we compare with other nations worldwide?  Is being no better or worse than other nations, or other individuals, a reason not to try to be always entirely ethical?  How important is it for a government, as well as individuals, to make only ethical choices?


What is our government's ethical code?  What would be an ideal ethical code for a government to adopt? (e.g., should prohibitions be placed on nepotism and conflicts of interest; should openness, honesty and transparency be required in all circumstances; and so forth.)


What is your ethical code?  Are any of your ethical requirements antithetical to your survival instinct?


When is it ever ethical to conceal truth or tell a lie?


Should an ethical code be grounded solely on ideals or should it also be practical?


Are ethical requirements inherently contrary to human nature?  Are humans born to be unethical?  Where did the notion of ethics come from, in the first place?


Who should teach ethical values to children?


Are there any fundamental universal ethical truths?  If not, how can societies with differing ethical codes peaceably--and ethically--interact? Would a universal ethical code undermine individualism?  Would it relieve us from individual ethical responsibility for our actions?  Do authoritarian ethical codes truly exist--or are all ethical decisions autonomous?


What is an ethically informed person?


Do ethics deal only with relations between humans, or do they also apply to relations between humans and all aspects of our planet; indeed, the Universe?  In other words, what all must be considered before making an ethical choice?


Does a high standard of morality help or hinder the advancement of individuals and societies?


What sort of unavoidable necessity would justify infliction of suffering and death on another living creature?  Etc. . . .


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