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Is there such a thing as objective truth? Or is truth subjective, relative, and/or personally preferred? How do media, religion, social conditioning, culture and emotional needs affect one's capacity to perceive truth, assuming truth

ever can be perceived?  Can we safely assume that human beings are equipped

to grok (fully perceive and understand) truth?


Is truth always more desireable than illusion? If not always, how about sometimes, and if sometimes, when? When is honesty not the best policy?  Is the quest for complete truth really worthwhile? Might not a wonderful, comforting illusion be more conducive to happiness than ascertainment of an ugly, brutal truth?


Do philosophical notions like whether life has purpose concern truth or illusion?

If the universe is infinitely large, how can humans ever figure out what is true about anything? Does tossing up a ball and watching it fall a gazillion times prove that gravity is a true law of the universe? Or does it just illustrate a tad of coincidental consistency in an infinite, lawless system?


Can a person be too aware of truth to be happy? Can a person be too truthful to

be humane? Can there be perfection without ascertainable objective truth?


Are secrets a form of lie? Are personal opinions and feelings a form of truth? Should facts discovered by the scientific method always be taken as true? When,

if ever, does a fact move from being a highly likely assumption to being absolutely undeniably true? Do societies, cultures and individuals invent truth by labeling things as true?


Have the last few years of news cycles affected your reactions to negligent BS, intentional misrepresentations of knowable facts and blatant, calculated lies?

How might the media improve the accuracy of its portrayal of what is happening

on Earth? Do we really want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? What are your sources for true information?  If we really don't have access to the full truth about everything all of the time, how can we avoid falling victim to something that is true but unknowable by us, or true in and of itself, but not understandable without awareness of other true facts? (This is getting really confusing.) How does truth relate to justice? What is true-enough (beyond a reasonable doubt?)? How can we cultivate a healthy relationship with truth? Etc., Etc., and Etc....


Sound potentially interesting? Then come on down!


Peace & Polar Vortexes (Vortexii?) (surely we've had our last for 2019),

Kathy & Teece






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