Don't Worry, Be Happy


 The Grand Essentials of Happiness are:  something to do, something to love and something to hope for.  Allen K. Chambers


Usually, in January, we gather to prophesize what's going to happen in the year ahead. That would be a grim business for many of us chronic worriers in 2018, and really, pointless, as 2018 is likely to be the Mother of all Unpredictable Years.


For this reason, we propose beginning this New Year by minimizing the predicting, (although it's sure to come up now and then), and focusing instead on finding reasons for confidence, optimism and hope.  We envision an exchange of notions and emotions about the experience and challenge of maintaining joyous appreciation for the gift of life while dwelling in Interesting Times.  It would be super if we could brainstorm practical ways in which We the People in the Room might generate and/or join in good work that has a chance of bringing relief, hope and happiness to our fellow Earthlings in 2018.


And, while we are at it, we'd like to consider what our country would be like if our laws and policies fully complied with the constitutional guarantee that the government cannot deprive us of "the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness without due process of law." Aren't laws, policies and government actions that cause unhappiness to a significant number of people unconstitutional?  Should our government have an affirmative duty to actively protect and facilitate the pursuit of happiness?  How does our Gross National Happiness differ from our Gross National Product?  Would you rather have government measure its success by GHP or GNP?  What is on your list of the Grand Essentials of Happiness? We suppose we'll also have to debate the definition of happiness as it is used in our Constitution.


If time allows, we'd also really appreciate a little brainstorming about the Happiness Quotient of the salon itself. The seating, the snacks, the wine, the break, the group size, the two rooms, the group dynamic, the facilitation (or lack thereof), the off-topic and monologue problems, the unpredictable dates, etc, etc. What did you originally think the salon would be like? What disappoints you? What surprises you? What works, what stinks?  Is night driving becoming problematic for ripening salonies--would alternating between Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons be a good idea? Newcomers and First-Timers are very welcome to participate in this deconstruction.  Most important--and if we do nothing else, let's get to this--is, whadayawanna talk about in 2018?  Please bring topic suggestions.



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