November Salon ~Cancelled~


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   Argh, Everyone,


I knew 11/10 was too close to Thanksgiving for me. Things are spinning out of control here, I fear. There's enough going on that I've decided to let a little air out--or in, not sure how that metaphor should work--by cancelling the November salon altogether. We can do the story thing next year--it's really fun to do, we don't want to abandon the notion. We ARE going to host our Christmas Caroling Bash, in just a few weeks, really! I'll send invitations as soon as I nail down a date. It will be a Sunday afternoon. I apologize for the chaos connected with this November salon thing, date-changing, cancelling, etc. It's hard to keep my feet on the ground, sometimes. Surely 2019 will be a better year!


Peace, Flowers, Freedom & Mid-Terms,


Kathy (& Teece)





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