Here are some of the things we have pondered in the past

(& may ponder again):


Play!  Does the Universe want to play?  Do we need to reconsider the role of play

in our lives?


Friend of the Devil--How do you define/describe a person or an act that is "criminal?"


How do you think Obama is doing so far?


September 11—What do you think happened?


What are the essential elements of a civilized society?


Bring your own topic:  Everyone brings something provocative to talk about—a paragraph, a line, a single word, an image—on a half-sheet of paper.  We put them all in a bowl, pull one out, talk it into the ground, pull out the next, etc.


Automobiles and America


Is this the End Times?


Debt—What is it doing to our economy and our lives? & such possibilities as Debt Jubilee & Debt Revolution


Are we on the precipice of significant change?


The Middle Class.


Holidays, Festivals, Celebration, Collective Joy.


People v. Baby-Boomers


Mental Health:  is there such a thing as mental illness?  How about Normal?


The Ideal Economic System


Marriage, Monogamy, and Imaginable Alternatives Thereto.




Education in America






What is Art?


What do you know of Great Love?


Virtue & Vice






Inebriate of Air am I:  Poetry (including the creation of Ransom Note Poetry)


Into the Arms of America.  What does America mean to you?  What do you think it means to others?


Childhood.  What was that all about, anyhow?


Spirituality.  What is the role of the sacred in contemporary life?  Are Americans becoming more, or less, spiritual?


Truth, Honesty & Integrity.  What is “truth enough?”


Human Sexuality in Millennium America


Home.  The home environment as personality mirror, human conditioner, social movement, art form, playpen, sanctuary, asylum, etc.


History.  Are we the United States of Amnesia?  Can sound humanitarian decisions be made without regard for history?






The Psychic Sciences


The Generation Gap


The Mystery of Me. When I say, “that’s me,” what am I referring to?


Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do. Personal freedom . . . and responsibility.


Hope, Optimism & Happiness in a Time of Mad Cow Disease


Truth & Illusion


The Democrats


The Republicans


What, If Anything, Desirable May Be Salvaged From the ‘60s?


Epiphanies & Joy








Time.  Do we have healthy relationships with time?




Live Simply


Montage of Dreams


That Which Common Sense Hesitates to Confront


Metamorphosis.  Do we prefer constancy to change?  Is it desirable to minimize or maximize change in one’s life?


Calling All Soothsayers!




Get Out of Jail Free: If you could commit a crime and get away with it, what would it be?


Ragged Joy—Contemplating the Possibility of Reclaiming the Active Experience of Entertainment


What is God


No man is an Island, "intire of itself".


Ideals and Idealism


Wild-Eyed Visions:  An imagination collage.


The Millennium Household


The Ideal Political System


Money.  What is its effect, real and imagined, on choices people make?


The Ideal Social Gathering




Myth Metaphor, Poetry & Ritual


And Justice for All


That Ain’t Workin’! What is work, and what is not? What is the ideal occupation?


Hope I die before I grow old! Bad perms, dorky cars, boring music—is the Woodstock Nation doing that?  What is the ideal role for aging Beats & Boomers?


Secrets & Lies




Tribe. What are the advantages of strong group identity and group-centered lifestyles/value systems?